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People tend towards rental services rather than purchasing stuff when its for a brief moment. Here is where Printronics  comes in. We have a wide range of Laptops and Printers that we rent to customers and corporates. Also in this time of pandemic where people are mostly working from home, rental services have become that  much more essential.

Our services include

  • 1
    Keyboard Replacement
  • 2
    Screen Repair
  • 3
    Power Jack Repair
  • 4
    Fan Replacement
  • 5
    Software Issues
  • 6
    Cleaning Services

What makes us different?

We provide laptops on rent of all makes, models and configurations to our customers. Rental Duration may vary with customer requirements. We are privileged to have prominent Corporate Clients, System Integrators, OEM’s, Dealers and Resellers as our customers from all major cities in India. Our inventory includes the most advanced models of laptops with specifications ranging from Intel Core i3 Processor, Intel Core i5 Processor, Intel Core i7 Processor. You name it we have it all.

We  provide printer rental services all over in Mumbai. We lease a printers of various makes and sizes depending the customer requirements. As printer has become an essential part of our daily lives, we understand the requirements of our clients and suggest them the right ones they need to go for. We offer highly competitive rates in the market that makes us a cheaper and an efficient service provider out there. Renting a printer is a quick and easy step to access a wide range of specialized rental services.

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